Thinking of joining the Y? There is no better time than NOW! We are making June an extra special month for new members by offering a Pay the Day Special all June long.

The earlier you join, the more you save on joining fees! The day you join is the amount you pay; join June 1st and pay just $1 joining fee, June 2nd pay just $2, June 3rd pay just $3, and so on! 
Here’s how you do it: 
1. Choose your membership type and duration
2. Stop by the Fort Madison Family YMCA
3. Pay coinciding joining fee by date registered (June 1 = $1, June 2 = $2, June 3 = $3, and so on)
4. Set up payment plan or pre-pay your membership
5. Begin your journey at the Fort Madison Family YMCA with pride!!!
There are no minimums on membership durations so choose 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or longer!  OFFER ENDS JUNE 30th, 2021

*Joining fees are a one-time fee assessed as follows: Youth & College Memberships – $20; Adult, Family, and Senior Memberships – $40

As always…the Fort Madison Family YMCA is proud to offer area Veterans membership assistance as well as all Active Duty Personnel FREE memberships for the duration of their active duty status. Contact the Y for details.