24 Hour Access Membership

Workout on your own schedule by adding 24 Hour Access to your current membership for no additional cost.

The Fort Madison Family YMCA offers 24 hour access to current adult members who are not in high school and are 18 years of age and older as an added benefit to active memberships. This added benefit allows our members to access our wellness center, weight room, downstairs aerobic center, gymnasium, as well as restrooms and water fountains during non-office hours. In addition, all members with this added benefit may also access our remote facility located in Downtown Fort Madison (802 Avenue G).

To add 24 hour access to your membership visit the front desk during regular office hours. A 24 Hour Access Key will be issued to each member adding 24 Hour Access. Lost access cards must be reported to management immediately. Lost, stolen or damaged cards must be reissued during regular office hours at member’s cost of $5.00 per card and previous access card will be decommissioned.

For members wishing to activate membership with 24 hour access please visit the front desk.

Please note that no staff will be on duty. Use of either facility is at your own risk.

The Fort Madison Family YMCA holds each member to the same high standards as we hold ourselves. Honesty, integrity, and respect is expected at all times while using our facilities. Should any member be found to violate any of the following guidelines, memberships may be automatically terminated without refund or notice at the discretion of management.


The Fort Madison Family YMCA is under 24-hour video recorded surveillance. A courtesy telephone is available for member use and for emergencies. The facility’s address is posted next to the telephone along with a list of emergency phone numbers. Individuals with health problems should never exercise alone. Please DO NOT admit other individuals with your card into the Fort Madison Family YMCA. To do so poses a security risk for you and other members and is a violation of policy and subject to termination of 24 Hour Access privileges with no notice. 

All persons under the age of 18 WILL NOT be allowed access to a 24/7 membership. If a person 18+ is found to be letting in a person that is under 18, your 24/7 membership may be discontinued with no notice. 

You are invited to bring a guest to the facility only during staffed hours. The guest will need to fill out a one-time guest registration form and waiver. Any member giving access to a non-member during non-staffed hours is subject to forfeit their membership. Abuse of the guest policy will result in a termination of membership with no notice. 

Wearing exercise clothing such as shorts, sweats, tank tops and athletic shoes will help to make your workout more enjoyable. Shirts, shoes and bottoms must be worn at all times in the facility. Jeans are not permitted due to wear and tear on the exercise padding. For your safety, street shoes, open-toed sandals, boots, and excessive jewelry are not permitted. Clean workout clothing is required and modest clothing is preferred.